An interesting point was raised today.

Did you know……

Neath council housing department has had over 600 people become homeless in the last year, since the pandemic started.

I did a quick google and it says theres a population of approx 47000 people in neath. So at face value, there’s more than one in every hundred people made homeless in the last year alone. Its frightening!

We were told prior to covid the figures were under 100.

It’s made me think, if it wasn’t for the government stepping in and providing grants, furlough and other forms of support that figure would be drastically higher. If furlough wasn’t provided would many of my friends and family be financially stable and have a roof over their head? Probably not!

When furlough ends, there are inevitable job losses, masses of people will be applying for the same jobs and employment is likely to be difficult to find, especially when so many mass employers in the hospitality and retail sectors won’t survive the pandemic. I think we will be more dependant on the housing department than ever.

What’s amazing is the housing department at Neath has successfully housed over 470 people in this year. Without them working around the clock to house people where would they all be now? In the street? Sleeping in tents? When I think of this I imagine scenes from a movie, a frightening thought!

From what i’ve seen the housing department get no credit for these incredible results, in fact they get the opposite and face constant critism.

At a time when NHS staff, care workers, supermarket workers have all been praised for their efforts, and rightly so they’ve done amazing. I do think these guys, not just in Neath but across the country should be acknowledged for their incredible work.

So a big THANK You from myself and everyone you’ve assisted with over the last year, amongst others.’

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